Preflight FBO

Welcome to Preflight Skavsta FBO- Ground handling services at Skavsta airport ESKN

We provides full service for your visit in Sweden.

We have the option of storing space for your aircraft or helicopter in our warmhangar.
Enjoy being looked after by professional staff.

Easy to come, easy to go. Apron access, transfer, car parking close at the hangar, crew facilities, crew rest area and place to be preperd for take off.
We offer good opportunities for planning and have free wi-fi.

For more information and service possibilities fborequest@preflightab.se or call us +46 155-24 00 00

VHF: 123,450 MHz ”Preflight Handling”

Preflight Sky Gourmet Meny.

Let us know if you wish to order from our Preflight Sky Gourmet meny.